Looking to shake up your lunch routine? Explore these flavorful and diabetes-friendly options for a delicious change.

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If you’re managing diabetes, you might find yourself stuck in a meal rut, rotating through the same few dishes. Let’s shake things up with some delicious options that also help keep your glucose levels stable.

These five recipes are low in sugar and carbohydrates (carbs) and packed with wholesome, nutritious ingredients. Many of the dishes also feature ingredients like salmon, cashews, and sesame oil, which studies have shown to be beneficial for people with diabetes.

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Savor the delightful combination of flavors in these salmon and zucchini skewers. The salmon is seasoned with a blend of lemon juice, maple syrup, and Italian seasoning, creating a perfect balance of tart, sweet, and savory.

If you’re concerned about the increased calories and carbs that maple syrup adds, you can use a sugar-free maple syrup instead.

Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, the salmon offers potential benefits for reducing insulin resistance, which is ideal for diabetes management. The accompanying cucumber yogurt sauce adds a refreshing touch, perfect for a summer meal outdoors.

This Thai-inspired meal features seared flank steak served over a refreshing salad of cucumber and cashews, dressed with a red curry and sesame seed oil vinaigrette.

It’s delicious as well as beneficial for managing blood sugar levels. Some research suggests that sesame seed oil consumption may help reduce fasting blood glucose levels and improve insulin sensitivity.

This rainbow vegan salad features a variety of colorful vegetables, including cherry tomatoes, carrots, and watercress, all dressed in a creamy cashew dressing. This vibrant dish is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and offers potential health perks for those managing diabetes.

Some studies indicate that including cashews in your diet may help reduce serum insulin and improve the ratio of LDL cholesterol to HDL cholesterol. (Note: You’ll need a food processor or blender to make the cashew dressing.)

You can also add a protein — such as chicken, beans, or salmon — for an even more balanced meal.

Craving Chinese takeout but want to keep it healthy? Enjoy all the flavors of an egg roll in this low carb, high protein bowl. Filled with savory grilled chicken breast, shredded cabbage, soy sauce, and carrots, this dish offers a delightful Asian-inspired flavor. It’s perfect for those following a keto diet or watching their blood sugar levels.

You may, however, want to substitute for low sodium soy sauce and use a vegetable oil, such as avocado oil, instead of coconut oil to make the recipe even more diabetes-friendly.

This warm kale and pancetta salad with a fried egg offers the sophistication of a brunch dish from an upscale restaurant, now easily prepared in your own kitchen. Pancetta, an Italian bacon, brings a savory, salty flavor to the dish, complementing the warm kale, crunchy pecans, and tart, dried cranberries.

Managing your diet is key to controlling diabetes and preventing complications. These recipes offer a delicious way to keep your blood sugar levels stable, thanks to their wholesome ingredients and low sugar and carb content.

Ingredients like salmon, cashews, and sesame oil further enhance their benefits, as these foods may improve insulin sensitivity and reduce fasting blood glucose levels.