A diabetes diagnosis doesn’t have to mean a life of bland, boring food. With some cleverly crafted diabetes-friendly dessert recipes, you can indulge without having to worry about your blood sugar levels spiking.

Diabetes is a chronic health condition where your body either doesn’t effectively use insulin (type 2 diabetes) or doesn’t make enough insulin (type 1 diabetes). Insulin, a hormone your pancreas produces, is essential to regulating your blood sugar (glucose).

Although many people with diabetes use medications to manage their blood sugar levels, diet is an important part of supporting medication effectiveness, controlling symptoms, and preventing long-term health complications.

Restructuring your diet around diabetes can be overwhelming at first, especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Traditional desserts are often high in sugar and carbohydrates (carbs) that can rapidly spike blood sugar, and they aren’t generally recommended for people with diabetes.

The good news is that diabetes dessert recipes do exist, and with so many options to try, you’re bound to find a diabetes-friendly dessert you love.

Keto cinnamon almond cookies will be your new go-to when you need to satisfy a cookie craving. These delicious cookies are made from a short list of simple ingredients that come together to make a scrumptious ketogenic dessert option. They’re quick to make and quick to bake.

Ketogenic foods, called “keto” for short, are low in carbs and high in fats. They often form part of a diabetes-friendly diet plan because fats generally provide a more sustained source of energy in your body, meaning they don’t cause the same rapid spikes in glucose associated with many carbs.

If you’re a granola lover but you have trouble finding commercial diabetes-friendly granola products, consider making this one at home. This strawberry “granola” snack bowl combines all the elements of a traditional granola—sweetness, texture, and crunch—with four simple ingredients that aren’t as likely to spike your blood sugar.

Worried about the strawberries and chocolate? Fear not! Strawberries may be a fruit, but they’re considered low on the glycemic index, and they contain natural sugars that don’t spike your glucose in the same way as the added sugars in baked goods.

And the chocolate? This diabetes dessert recipe calls for dark chocolate, which has a much lower sugar content than milk chocolate. The higher the purity of your dark chocolate, the better!

Another keto dessert you won’t want to miss is the keto strawberry shortcake. Made with real cream cheese, strawberries, and cream, this summery treat uses erythritol instead of regular sugar to boost its sweetness factor.

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that has no effect on glucose or insulin, making it a great sugar alternative in diabetes-friendly dessert recipes.

Sugar alcohols aren’t for everyone, however, and you should try to consume them in moderation. If you’re sensitive to these products, consider swapping erythritol for a sweetener alternative recommended by your doctor or nutrition consultant.

Sometimes there’s just no substitute for a chocolate chip cookie craving. If your chocolate chip cookie itch needs to be scratched, this recipe is for you.

Not only is it keto-friendly, which is usually a good choice when you’re looking for a diabetes-suitable dessert recipe, but it also uses almond flour and coconut oil, which add subtle but rich dimensions of flavor.

With simple ingredients and short preparation and bake times, you can enjoy these cookies in under 20 minutes.

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Don’t be shy of diabetes-friendly dessert recipes that use avocado for bulk and texture. Although avocado might not sound appealing in a dessert, you’ll be surprised at how its flavor blends with the other ingredients to create something truly masterful.

Creamy keto avocado pudding is straightforward. You won’t even notice the avocado once it gets blended with the cocoa powder, vanilla, stevia, and milk.

Not a fan of dairy products? You can easily make this recipe with a milk alternative.

Another bonus: This recipe uses stevia, which may have anti-diabetes properties, according to some research.

Diabetes dessert recipes do exist, and they often contain simple ingredients. Also, they don’t require you to spend an entire day in the kitchen.

To learn more about diabetes-friendly food choices and meal planning, check out Healthline’s: