Choosing an online birth control service comes down to convenience, care access, medication availability, and affordability. While these services tend to be very similar from a high level, there are differences in cost, where they ship to, care quality, and the specific birth control brands they offer.

We keep tabs on these features and score the services to help you choose the best one for getting birth control delivered to your door. Here’s our review process.

A note on vetting

In addition to our scoring process, every online birth control service featured on Healthline has first been vetted to ensure it aligns with Healthline’s brand integrity standards and approach to well-being.

We check for:

  • medical credibility
  • company reputation
  • good business practices

You can read more about our vetting process.

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If a service passes initial vetting, our editorial team looks at four key criteria points when scoring a birth control service:

Medication variety

There are so many different types of birth control available.

Knowing that some people have already found a brand and style that works best for them with minimal side effects, we look at how many options for the pill are offered and whether the service offers more than just pills — birth control patches, rings, implants, IUDs, injections. We also consider whether the service offers emergency contraception.

Some of these birth control telehealth options also offer additional services for skin health, mental health, and other sexual and vaginal health needs. We take a pulse check on this range of options and factor that in as well.


The cost of birth control with insurance doesn’t change much from service to service. For most, it will not cost anything, and that holds true for all the different online services we score.

But we also look at the cost of birth control when using each service without using insurance. And since not all services accept insurance, we deduct points for that in our review process. If they do not accept insurance, we look to see if they accept HSA or FSA accounts.

We also consider any consultation fees, membership fees, and shipping costs.


The major perks to these services are convenience and privacy, so we consider:

  • What is the shipping time?
  • Does it come in discreet packaging?
  • Is there an option to pick up at a pharmacy?

Care access

Convenience may be a key pillar of choosing an online birth control option, but we also want to make sure the care factor is not affected. It’s important that the service:

  • offers same-day appointments (or at least responds in a timely manner to schedule and make availability times clear)
  • connects you with a healthcare professional who can discuss options and help you choose the best birth control method for you
  • offers shipping through the US (some services may offer all the above but only be available in certain states, so we consider that in our score)

We also look at whether the service is available to those under 18 years old.

We continue to update this page rounding up the best online birth control providers.

If you’re looking for recommendations on specific birth control medications, we do not score these, and it’s best to discuss with a trusted healthcare professional — either your current doctor or one that an online birth control service connects you with (they require online consultations before prescribing).

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